Wing Tsun

Wing Tsun , a Chinese form of Martial Arts specializing in self defence techniques, prepares you to react in quick,controlled  powerful movements to defend yourself against your attacker or situation that places your life in danger.

The Wing Tsun Academy is led by Sifu Kevin Stewart. Together with his qualifications as a Wing Tsun teacher and background experience of 24 years in Wing Tsun, Sifu Kevin Stewart has competed in numerous International tournaments and led his students successfully into tournaments. Sifu Kevin Stewart runs his Wing Tsun Academy of  self  defence in the West Rand where his classes entails a combination of theory and practice involving physical and weapon training,  grading of students plus the teachings of the psychology around the art of Wing Tsun.

Sifu Kevin Stewart joined the Shaolin Martial Arts Centre in February 1990 until November 1991 where he learned the family art of Wing Chun Lin Wan Kun. He trained under SiGung Leo Sebrecht’s son, Bruce Sebrecht where he attained Shidai level 3. He wanted to find a more pure form of Wing Chun so he left the school to join the British Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu Association.

Sifu Kevin Stewart Applying Cycles

History  of Sifu Kevin Stewart

Sifu Kevin joined the British Tai Chi Chuan and Shaolin Kung Fu Association in March 1992 to learn the Shaolin system of Praying Mantis (Wah Lum Tan Tui) and Wing Chun. This association is under the mentorship of Grand Master William Chung, the senior instructor of Bruce Lee within the Athletic Wing Chun association headed by the late Great Grand Master Yip Man. He became junior instructor teaching the childrens classes. He then decided to seek out further tuition under Grand Master Leung Tings system, Wing Tsun, as GM Leung Ting was the last closed door student of Great Grand Master Yip Man.

In October 1994 he went to Hong Kong to train at the International Wing Tsun martial Art Association headed by Grand Master Leung Ting and 10th Level Master Chen Chuan Fan. He also received private tuition under Grand Master Yip Chun at the Athletic Wing Chun Association. Master Chen Chuan Fun became his personal mentor and instructor from this time on.

Upon his return to South Africa Sifu Kevin opened his own Wing Tsun school in Johannesburg. He returned to Hong Kong in May 1996 for further progressive training and grading. After returning to South Africa he continued teaching at his school. Sifu Kevin’s organisation is known as the South African Wing Tsun Combat Academy (SAWTCA).

In June 1997 he joined the European Wing Tsun Association and by January 2000 he had graded to 8th level.

In May 2001 he attained his national colours under the South African Wu Shu Authority. This is the only body recognised by the Sports Ministry in South Africa.

In 2002 he was elected to the position of President of SA Kung Fu, under the auspices of the South African Wu Shu Authority. He resigned from the National Wu Shu Authority  after a 1 year term to focus on his students and School.

He is currently on the 12th level under the European Wing Tsun Association.
Additional training received :

  • Escrima Stick fighting under the European Wing Tsun Association.
  • Amok Stick and knife fighting under Professor Tom Sotis.
  • Wing Chun tuition under Master Samuel Kwok.
  • Close Combat Academy Wing Chun tuition under Master Randy Williams


For queries on attending classes that are available, Contact Sifu Kevin on 079 509 7036 or for more information or visit our School on Tuesdays at 1058 Krugerrand Rd, Strubens Valley, Ye Sizwe Security Service Office, Roodepoort, West Rand from 6pm.