Book Review – Watch My Back

Watch My Back

Author: Geoff Thompson

This is the story about Jeoff Thompson’ beginning on his journey from feeling inadequate and afraid to finally facing his inner self and conquering his fears. His story seems somewhat similar to that of myself and my fear of the sea. In fact many of my students have confessed the same feelings over the years. Jeoff Thompson has since become world renowned for his incredible wisdom on fear and confrontational situations. You follow his thoughts and experience his trials and tribulations with him as he decides that his disappointment in himself and his feelings of inadequacy lead him to feel that he is actually a coward.

You feel his hurt and you rejoice when he finally decides that being a coward is much worse than anything that his fear of confrontation can do to him. The physical pain that his antagonists can put him through is better than the psychological trauma he experiences through running away. He makes a difficult decision and takes a stand despite his paralysing fear, this decision changes his life forever. The reader can sympathise with Jeoff’s ordeals as many of us have shared his situation at one stage or another.

Jeoff’s story gives hope and shows that we all have a hero inside of us. To let this hero free we need only ask ourselves the right questions, understand what fear really is, understand how we can take control. I believe that the message in this book should be of vast personal value to many who need to receive the message that this book sends.

The book is not a literary masterpiece written in the language of a versed novelist. The language is that of a man living a hard life in a tough neighbourhood. Jeoff Thompson writes as if he were speaking to his family and friends, But this is exactly one of the things that gives this book such appeal. He has been there, he has experienced the battles and he is sharing these experiences with us. We are indeed fortunate. Geoff Thompson is a hero. Geoff Thompson walks Confidently Capable.

Sifu Kevin Stewart

A 12th level Wing Tsun teacher studied Wing Chun and Praying Mantis Kung Fu under mentorship of the Master William Chung, the senior instructor of Bruce Lee.

In 1994 he went to Hong Kong to study Wing Tsun and (a different form to Wing Chun) and has been running his own WT school since 1996.

He has 16 years experience in martial arts having won many accolades was chosen as the president of SA Kung Fu in 2002.

Additional training receieved:
Escrima Stick fighting under the European Wing Tsun Association.
Amok Stick and knife fighting under Professor Tom Sotis.
Wing Chun tuition under Master Samuel Kwok.
Close Combat Academy Wing Chun tuition under Master Randy Williams.

Sifu Kevin has also trained members of the South African police force.

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