Fighting to Win

Ever been involved in a confrontation that spiralled out of control resulting in physical violence? If so, did you think back after the fact and castigate yourself with the words, “I should have done this”, or “I wish I had done that”?

Did you experience a deep feeling of having let yourself down, or even that fear got the better of you causing panic. Possibly you experienced the worst feeling of all, the feeling that you were so overcome that you may be a coward!

Don’t despair if any of the above were true for you. The above reactions are in fact all totally normal. They stem out of inexperience and not understanding the reactions of both body and mind when under extreme stress. The problem essentially begins when you are in a self preservation state of mind at the time your body reacts by pumping a huge dose of adrenalin through your system, (see the article on “Control Fear”). At this stage you will react in one of 3 ways, Fight, Flight or Fright (Freezing). Sadly it is too late to change your mindset at this point.

The answer to this dilemma is to have your mind pre programmed through quality instruction and training so that you do not revert to a self preservation mind set.

Even if your reaction was to fight, your chances of ending the confrontation as efficiently as possible are lower than they could have been. In these situations the fight is harder for you from the onset because your state of mind requires that you fight in such a way as to limit injury to yourself by evading as much contact as possible.

The problem here is that by trying not to get hurt you remain in danger for as long as your assailant is intent on attacking you. This is what I refer to as “Fighting Not To Lose”. This is the mind set that causes the types of feelings referred to above.

The mind set that I suggest is one of “Fight to Win”. With this mind set one is intent on removing the threat as quickly as possible. It is a more aggressive defence which by its very nature focuses ones every energy on “taking care” of that which threatens you, without diverting your focus to self preservation. With this mind set, it has been my experience that you actually suffer less physical trauma as well as less lingering psychological trauma after the fact.

The very feelings caused by the adrenal dump are converted from a fear causing phenomenon to something that assists you in your quest to effectively end the situation. You will then experience the effects of clearer thinking, natures aesthetic will control any pain, and your physical response of choice will be more focused and infinitely more effective.

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CobusSeptember 30th, 2010 at 1:40 pm

This is it. Straight to the point

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