Self Protection Guidelines

Self Protection Guidelines – The Truth about violent confrontation

Are most people able to deal with a violent attacker? There have been international surveys conducted to try and answer this question. Unfortunately the answer seems to be a resounding NO! Read more about self protection guidelines.

Without the correct psychological preparation even well trained martial artists are unlikely to stage a successful defence. The truth is that the vast majority of victims will be overwhelmed with terror and will capitulate. The surveys indicated another shocking truth, i.e. capitulation, (eg. “take what you want, please just don’t hurt me”), does not offer any protection for the victim! In fact, such victims have been shown to suffer more than other victims in terms of both the psychological aftermath, as well as with physical injuries sustained during an attack. It should be noted that more people lose their lives through violent attacks than through disease or car accidents.

To be able to defend yourself successfully you need to start with contemplating three critical things:

  • * Honesty
  • * Realism
  • * In site

To be honest with yourself is not an easy thing to do. People like to tell themselves they are capable of defending themselves adequately, but have never done any kind of research and have no idea about what they are really dealing with. They have no concept of what is involved in a real situation, they have no idea what goes through the mind of their assailant, nor are they able to foresee the probability of being attacked until it is too late.

Only through interviews with violent men can you begin to prepare yourself realistically. To understand the rituals that are that are followed by a mugger, rapist or killer, don’t ask a psychologist or a policeman, you should ask the mugger, rapist or killer! I would strongly recommend that you read the book “Dead or Alive, the choice is yours” by highly acclaimed martial artist, bodyguard and writer, Geoff Thompson.

Understanding the rituals of would be attackers play a huge role in your ability to identify and avoid dangerous situations. It allows you to attain the required state of mind to deal with possible violent confrontation. Avoidance of the situation is by far the best defence. Most confrontational situations are avoidable, of the unavoidable scenarios, the majority are still at least controllable. Only when a situation is totally unavoidable and out of control, are actual fighting skills required. Fighting skills alone do not prepare you for the psychological trauma that you will experience when and after you have been attacked. Only a combination of fighting skill and mental preparation will give you a more than fair chance of being successful in your defence. Were a physical response is unavoidable be sure not to underestimate your attacker, FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!!!

Remember, to be kind to your enemy is to be cruel to yourself.

Sifu Kevin Stewart
079 509 7036 or

A 12th level Wing Tsun teacher studied Wing Chun and Praying Mantis Kung Fu under mentorship of the Master William Chung, the senior instructor of Bruce Lee.

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