Blitz Defence

Blitz Defence: “Practically Efficient – Confidently Capable”

Does a self defence course really work? There are numerous views around this question. Mostly, the responses that I have received indicate that the majority of Martial Artists feel that self defence courses are simply promises of a “quick fix” and that their value is not sufficient to allow a successful defence against a committed aggressor.

I was mostly in agreement with this view until I experienced the explosive and efficient devastation present within the Wing Tsun Blitz Defence Program. The Program was presented by Master Keith R. Kernspecht in Cape Town during December 1999. The New Millennium started with a major mind shift on my part. Truly the perfectly balanced utilisation of Psychology, Physiology and Strategy changed my mind forever.

To make Blitz Defence even more remarkable, it was the first time that I had experienced something with the ability to incapacitate an aggressor with a single strike. This while allowing practically no opportunity for the aggressor to respond.

The fact that the age, weight, strength and mental state of the aggressor simply does not count in his/her favour made a large impression on me. The use of timing, technique and ATTITUDE fully maximise the power of the defending party irrespective of their own physical traits. An 80 year old can quite simply overcome a much younger, fitter and stronger opponent if the principles and execution of Blitz Defence are utilized correctly.

Furthermore, Blitz Defence takes the complexities involved in confrontational situations into account, thereby ensuring that the defender acts within the framework of the Law.

I have personally experienced the effectiveness of Blitz Defence in a Self Defence situation and witnessed a student of mine easily deal with a knife wielding attacker using Blitz Defence. He too only struck once.

When it comes down to it, during any confrontational situation, the longer the scenario plays out, the more likely it becomes that one will be injured during the confrontation. It is also true that the more complicated the techniques one has learned are, the less likely it is that they can be successfully applied. When under extreme pressure it becomes practically impossible to remember complicated techniques let alone be able to apply them successfully.

With Blitz Defence Less is Truely More, much More.

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