Book Review – Fear

Fear – The Friend of Exceptional People, Techniques in Controlling Fear

Author: Geoff Thompson

Fear is probably one of the most misunderstood topics in the world today. World renowned Martial Artist, Bouncer, and Personal Security Expert, Geoff Thompson shares his unsurpassed knowledge in fear control techniques. His unique fear pyramid system enables the reader to gain confidence stage by stage. Irrespective of whether the readers fear is public speaking, swimming, snakes, job interviews or physical confrontation, this book, if applied, will undoubtedly take the reader to a place where fear is no longer an obstacle!

Although this book is well written and easy reading it is very thought provoking. It enables one to examine the inner opponent, points out hurdles and pitfalls and ultimately assists one in dispelling those dark, uncomfortable, often guilt feelings that are in fact natural reactions to whatever it is we are afraid of. This incredible book allows the reader to walk tall and to become Confidently Capable.

Sifu Kevin Stewart

A 12th level Wing Tsun teacher studied Wing Chun and Praying Mantis Kung Fu under mentorship of the Master William Chung, the senior instructor of Bruce Lee.

In 1994 he went to Hong Kong to study Wing Tsun and (a different form to Wing Chun) and has been running his own WT school since 1996.

He has 16 years experience in martial arts having won many accolades was chosen as the president of SA Kung Fu in 2002.

Additional training receieved:
Escrima Stick fighting under the European Wing Tsun Association.
Amok Stick and knife fighting under Professor Tom Sotis.
Wing Chun tuition under Master Samuel Kwok.
Close Combat Academy Wing Chun tuition under Master Randy Williams.

Sifu Kevin has also trained members of the South African police force.

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Gerhard StrydomSeptember 28th, 2010 at 7:41 am

I have had the previlidge to be trained by Sifo Steward , and i would like to mention that he is probably the best teacher one can asked for . He is a master in the art of training and i can recommend his school to every one who is intrested in martial arts

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