Book Review – On Single Combat

On Single Combat

Author : Keith R. Kernspecht, 10th degree WT, 4th degree Escrima

Pure Science! Never before have I found a book that deals so in depth with the subject of fighting, self defence, psychology and the physiological effects of confrontation and combat. This is to my mind the best book ever written on the matter. Keith Kernspecht must surely be one of the foremost experts on the subject of fighting arts and the mental effects of violence and confrontation. His insight into fear, adrenalin and the natural responses and ability of the human body is absolutely amazing. There is not a dogmatic statement to be found in the entire book. Every single comment is backed up with scientific and mathematical proof. Various techniques and concepts are put through rigorous experiments to test their true effectiveness.

After reading this book one’s perception of violence and violent confrontation will be forever changed.

If you have ever wondered which fighting system is the most practical in terms of self defence and fighting ability, how does Karate, Boxing and even grappling measure up in a real confrontation, then this book could be the most important purchase you have ever made.

Sifu Kevin Stewart

A 12th level Wing Tsun teacher studied Wing Chun and Praying Mantis Kung Fu under mentorship of the Master William Chung, the senior instructor of Bruce Lee.

In 1994 he went to Hong Kong to study Wing Tsun and (a different form to Wing Chun) and has been running his own WT school since 1996.

He has 16 years experience in martial arts having won many accolades was chosen as the president of SA Kung Fu in 2002.

Additional training receieved:
Escrima Stick fighting under the European Wing Tsun Association.
Amok Stick and knife fighting under Professor Tom Sotis.
Wing Chun tuition under Master Samuel Kwok.
Close Combat Academy Wing Chun tuition under Master Randy Williams.

Sifu Kevin has also trained members of the South African police force.

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Stephan ErnstOctober 14th, 2010 at 9:46 pm

This is really a very good book from Sifu Kernspecht.
A Book for Beginners and Advanced Students.

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