Control Fear

Fear: “The Friend Of Exceptional People”

Fear, a state of mind precipitated by the onslaught of an adrenalin rush when faced with an unfamiliar situation. This, in my own experience is what fear is all about. It is the cause of the paralysing and debilitating effects experienced by anyone who finds themselves caught in its grip. In an effort to make sense of the factors that causes fear it would be prudent to understand the physiological causes that give rise to this phenomenon.

Firstly, it should be understood that man in fact forms part of the animal kingdom. The one thing that sets man apart from all other animals is the fact that built into our gene structure is the ability to reason. Although this ability is instrumental to the survival of mankind, our evolution from prehistoric man to the civilised beings we have become has had a definitive drawback. We no longer hunt for survival and we are no longer reliant on the adrenalin that was once our constant ally. This adrenal dump was a constant companion in dealing with the danger faced on a daily basis in a time when we were, without a doubt, among the most vulnerable life forms within the animal kingdom. The adrenal dump provided us with strength, speed as well as providing us with a natural anaesthetic. As our ability to reason developed and we adopted a more civilised existence we found ourselves in less need of the adrenalin that aided our existence. The adrenal dump in effect became something we no longer understand and our ability to utilise its effects all but disappeared. In general our bodies can no longer cope with a sudden adrenal dump. It confuses us and the unfamiliar effects make us uncomfortable and totally unsettled. Because of this unknown feeling we panic and our mind associate this in a negative way thereby putting our body in shock. Shock is the result of adrenalin in conjunction with mental trauma. Hence the combination of an adrenal dump along with the negative mental association experienced gives rise to the mental phenomenon referred to as FEAR.

By being able to control and effectively utilise adrenalin we are able to enter the realm of confidence and positive competitiveness instead of the realm of negative reaction resulting in FEAR.

One should remain respectfully cautious of dangerous situations, however we should not succumb to fear simply because the effects are alien to us. Man is not afraid of what is known and what we understand. Knowledge creates familiarity which in turn leads to confidence and even excitement. The unknown conjures up mental visions of uncontrollable scenarios where we see ourselves as victims. Confidence and control ensures that we are masters in dealing with expected and comfortable situations, even when the cause of Fear and of Confidence actually arise from the exact same thing, The adrenal dump.

Both a Hero and a Coward experience the exact same feeling and effects caused by adrenal dump. The difference between them is that the Hero controls the adrenalin to his/her own advantage where the Coward is Controlled By the effect of this adrenalin. The Hero is thus able to act in spite of this effect where the Coward is unable to act because of it.

Quotes: General Patton (World War 2)
“I fight to win, I do not fight not to lose.”
Jeff Thompson
“Fear is the friend of exceptional people.”

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