Self Protection vs Self Defence

Difference Between Self Protection and Self Defence

The concepts of Self Defence and Self Protection are often incorrectly perceived to be one and the same thing. There is in fact a vast difference between them!

Self Defence concerns itself primarily with the physical response to a situation where a person finds themselves in a confrontation where they are faced with imminent physical violence. Generally, various learned techniques and physical counter measures are utilised to deal with the situation, thereby defending one self from the actions of the aggressor.

Although Self Defence is incorporated into Self Protection, the latter in effect includes a host of additional skills as well. A good Self Protection program should at the very least include,

* The knowledge of how victims tend to be selected by potential aggressors
* The study of how to make one self a less desirable target
* The study and understanding signals, tactics and rituals utilised by an aggressor when interacting with selected victims (4 D’s)
* A deep understanding of Fear, what it is, how to deal with it and how to overcome it
* The study of the psychological preparation an individual would require to deal with the trauma of violent confrontation
* Understanding the difference between a confrontations with someone who attacks for any form of personal benefit versus attacks by gratuitous aggressors
* The study of the Art of Recognition, Avoidance and the stages connected to the development of violent confrontations
The study of uncomplicated and effective physical counter measures

Self Protection in effect arms one with skills to deal with potentially violent situations BEFORE the need to resort to any physical response. To ensure the value of any course material one should ensure the following,

* The Self Protection material should be sourced directly from those who utilise such techniques, e.g. interview muggers what techniques are utilised when mugging a victim, do not ask a police man
*Where a physical response is the only way out, the techniques taught should be simple and effective. Good Self Defence technique should not be influenced by fitness level, age, gender or physical strength

All these self protection techniques are taught in the WT Kung Fu system and I would highly recommend it to anybody wishing to feel safer in any situation.

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